About Us

The Scottish Society of Indianapolis, Inc. is an Indiana non-profit social club founded in 1983 by Founder and President Emeritus Carter Keith. The Society also sponsors the Scottish Foundation of Indianapolis, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charity formed to support education in Scottish arts, history, culture, and genealogy. We have over a hundred members of all ages who are genealogists, artists, historians, historical reenactors & interpreters, musicians, dancers, story tellers, and those who enjoy celebrating “Gach ni Albanach” (All things Scottish).

The Society & Foundation promote education about Scottish culture and heritage through monthly meetings and a wide variety of activities that you can explore at this website. We keep our annual dues low so everyone can enjoy our monthly events which generally include a pitch-in dinner by the members and a fun, educational program or entertainment. It is truly a family night—while we adults are having one program, our young members may have a program of their own with Scottish games and learning tailored to their age groups (though for some events, we celebrate together as a group).

We hope you will visit us at one of our events. The monthly dinner meeting is probably the best opportunity to really get to know who we are, to get involved, and to stay up-to-date on our activities. Feel free to look around our website and follow us on Facebook.

George R. McMath Scholarship Fund
The purpose of the George R. McMath Scholarship Fund is to provide support for students of Scottish art and culture, such as learning Scottish music, dance, or language, attending educational programs to further the understanding of Scottish culture, or participating in special projects supporting Scottish art or culture. Any resident or group of residents of Indiana may apply for a scholarship to attend a school or workshop, or attend training in Scottish art or culture anywhere in the world. Any person or group may apply for a scholarship to attend a school or workshop, or attend training in Scottish art or culture conducted within the State of Indiana. Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, workshop fees, books and educational materials, or transportation, food, or lodging associated with the training. Please download, fill-in, and return the scholarship application if you feel that you would be eligible for the award. There are two application periods, ending on April 30 and October 31.

The Board of Trustees oversees the Society’s operations. The board consists of the President and six Trustees. The President appoints from the Trustees a Secretary and Treasurer.
The Board of Trustees:
President: Carter Keith
Vice President: Armand Hayes
Secretary: Linda Cassidy
Treasurer: Risa Stockton
Trustee: Sarah Rae
Trustee: Greg Bowers

Our bylaws and standard operating procedures are available below:
Scottish Society of Indianapolis Bylaws
Scottish Foundation of Indianapolis Bylaws
Standard Operating Procedures
Contact the Society here.