Social Dancing

Indianapolis Scottish Country Dance

Affiliated with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) of Scotland and the Cincinnati Regional Branch of RSCDS.

Want to dance?

Email: Contact Jane Patton

Monday nights at the Latvian Center at 1008 W. 64th St. (near Grandview)
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We start at 7:00 PM
and we like to finish around 9:00 PM

Things you need to know!

We are not professional dancers or Highland dancers. We are lovers of having fun, learning new things and celebrating another type of folk dance. We read through our dances, walk the dance as many times as folks need to do their best, dance and at the end-applaud our effort, congratulate one another, smile and laugh.

You don’t need to know fancy footwork or dance steps, wear special shoes or clothing; just be comfortable. No partner needed (but welcome!) If you can walk or skip, know your right hand from your left hand, well then, YOU can dance Scottish Country Dances and have fun!!

We do enjoy random outbursts of laughter!!!

You don’t have to be a member of the RSCDS or The Scottish Society of Indianapolis or be Scottish to dance nor will we pester you to join.

We do ask for a $5.00 donation, but not for your first time.

Perhaps you’ve seen us Scottish country dance at The Scottish Society of Indianapolis’s Annual October Highland Games and the Indianapolis International Festival?

For more information contact Jane Patton by phone at 317-752-1098 or email:

More information available at: Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Dance Society and
RSCDS of Cincinnati

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