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The Gordon Pipers

The Indianapolis 500 Gordon Pipers have been a fixture at the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race and throughout the Midwest since 1962. Our band is a diverse group of individuals brought together for a common cause, to promote and share with the public


PICTUS: From the Latin word meaning “painted.” PICTUS: Primal, thundering war drums and creative percussion. PICTUS: Powerful, soul-stirring bagpipes. PICTUS: Visual and percussive Irish hard shoe and Highland dance. PICTUS is music for the warrior-poet, the music of our ancestors, and will rouse the ancient

The 42nd Royal Highlanders Band

The 42nd Royal Highlanders Band of Music of Lafayette, Indiana is proud to be America’s only band of pipes, fifes, and rope-tension drums. We portray the 42nd Royal Highlanders (the Black Watch) as they appeared in North America during the

Fountain Trust Pipe Band

The Scottish Society of Indianapolis is proud to have had multiple pipe bands perform at our events. The Fountain Trust Pipe Band never fails to amaze and delight. “We are a Grade IV bagpipe band based in Covington, Indiana and