Mother Grove – Kilt Rock!

The Scottish Society of Indianapolis happily recognises Mother Grove as a great “Kilt Rock” band who have performed at several of our events, and they are a favourite of many of our members. Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

The Band

After ten years, 7 CDs and thousands of miles on the road, Mother Grove have certainly paid their dues.  While their CDs are creatively growing and evolving from one to the next and captures their sound very well, Mother Grove’s crown jewel is their live shows; High energy, fun and void of pretension, a Mother Grove show is like an intimate house concert turned up to 11. They interact with the crowd to such an extent, by the end of the evening you feel as if you’re part of the band. You’ll see them  smiling, jumping, dancing and laughing on and off stage. All of which make them very approachable and sought after by pubs, festivals and venues all over the country.

Mother Grove will get you up and dancing jig after jig with their unique blend of well crafted original rock music and rousing rocked up traditional songs. But nestled between the hard hitting bagpipes, drums, bass and guitar and the sweet, rocking fiddle, penny whistle and mandolin are creative original rock songs, with lyrics that will leave you singing along, brushing back a tear or even scratching your head.

Mother Grove has built a reputation for their professionalism over the years. Pub owners, festival directors and sound techs have all heralded them as being “the most easy going band on the circuit”. While many bands might disappear after a show, you’ll find Mother Grove milling about, chatting with fans and having as much (or more!) fun as the crowd.

If you’re into rocking Celtic music, upbeat traditional, or clever and well written pop songs, you’ll find it here, for there’s truly something for everyone with Mother Grove.

Mother Grove are:

Brad Sprauer – Vocal, Guitars

Maggie Davis – Vocals, Fiddle

John Holland – Highland Bagpipes, Pennywhistles, Mandolin, Vocals

Ron Fife – Drums, Bohdron, Percussion, Vocals

Jim Farley – Bass Guitars, Effects