December Dinner & Hogmanay Ceilidh

Hogmanay Supplies

This 10th of December come enjoy a Holiday Hogmanay Ceilidh (KAY-lee) with the Scottish Society of Indianapolis, featuring music by Samuel & Rebekah Lawson, as well cultural offerings from the gallery (THAT MEANS YOU!) such as poetry, story-telling, dancing, wearing of the tartan, and of course eating lovely food and drinking lovely beverages (BYOB, or buy a dram of Scotch).

As always, bear in mind that your Scottish Society of Indianapolis runs on donations, both monetary and in-kind. Our whisky shelf is running a little low. Those who donate a bottle will be honoured with a very enthusiastic toast!

Addendum: considering that 10 December is closer to St. Andrew’s Day than Hogmanay, any references to the National Day are also appropriate and welcome!

6:30PM – gather, meet, great
7:00PM – Dinner & programme to follow

Side dishes, assigned by surname:
A-G : Veggie/Casserole
H-Me : Salad (inc Mc-Mac)
Mi-Z : Desert

Latvian Community Center
1008 W. 64th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46260-4458